This citie of the latest Fez Iacob * Or Ah

Right here, as well as in various other towns, whatsoeuer commoditie are increased, redoundeth wholy on king

freshets, which can be reserued into vse of higher forehead. It is farmed away vnto gardiners, just who sowe with this such as for example wealth out of hemp, melons, turneps otherwise nauewes, radish, and other such-like rootes and you may herbes, one to euery summer you can find saide to be achieved thereof aboue fifteene thousand cart-lots, so when of many into the winter. Howbeit the fresh aire was verie vnholsome thereabout, towards people are constantly vexed having feuers, and are off a yellow the colour.76 Ofthat part of Fez called new Fez. EW Fez beeing enuironed having an highest and you will impregnable wall structure, and you will situate with the a more beautifull plaine maybe not farre from the riuers side, is virtually a mile distant regarding dated Fez, and therefore vpon brand new eastern and you may south-side thereof. Betweene the latest wals from often towne, into northward, entereth a certaine arme of the riuer, where the foresaid milles perform stande, therefore the other the main riuer are seuered on a couple of twigs, you to whereof runneth betweene the brand new Fez and you can old Fez, not farre throughout the side of the latest rocke, and also the other passage using certaine vallies and you can landscapes, trendeth at length southward. One other an element of the riuer holdeth to your their way from the the rocke, and so of the university of queen *Abutiman.

the brand new sonne out-of Abdultach caused so you can bee centered, who was simply the initial king of your own ily, and expelled brand new kings out of of new F Maroco, and you may vsurped the kingdome vnto himselfe: but the queen out-of Telensin, on avoid he may make the individuals of Maroco beholding vnto him, and may subuert the newest successful successe of one’s ily, went about to impede this new king away from Fez their efforts facing Maroco : wherefore king Iacob hauing complete the latest conflicts out-of Maroco, determined in order to reuenge himselfe on vttermost into iniuries provided of the him or her off Telensin. But given with himselfe, the strong townes regarding his owne H H 2

In the west gate toward east’ he designated the marketplace set, the length betweene and therefore doors are a kilometer and you will a keen halfe, and on both parties he set artificers and you can resellers shops

kingdome was indeed farre faraway from Telensin, the guy consider they a better way to builde this citie, whereunto new seate roiall of the many Maroco could well be interpreted: and this are erected, the guy called the white citie, but it is actually a short while later entitled because of the people the brand new Fez.77 That it citie queen Iacob the fresh new inventor diuided inio around three bits, whereof the original contained his roiall pallace, and you will diuers commendable meris houses, vnto euery certainly he allocated a most charming yard. Maybe not farre of their pallace the guy oriented a most stately and you may magnificent temple. In another part of it citie he mainly based an enormous and you will effectuer secure on leaders horses to help you stande in. Upcoming as well as he triggered other palaces to be erected having his captaines and you will principall courtiers. From the west entrance the guy triggered an effectuer portall are put vice president, so you’re able to harbour this new watchmen and warders of your own citie. Near by thence he erected a couple of stables sufficient to containe around three hundreth horses, he you’ll vse with the cover of their owne palace. The 3rd area of the citie was designated to your kinges guarde and attendants, that have been many borne eastwarde out-of Fez, none had they any other guns but hands-bowes (to own crossebowes were not upcoming vsed in this kingdome) vnto which1 attendants the new king anticipate a massive stipend: nevertheless now a comparable place is stuffed with beautifull temples and you can stoues. Neere vnto new leaders palace standes the new mint, hauing on the: midst a fower-rectangular judge with particular age portals otherwise eels rounde about it, wherein the currency-minters dwell. On top of that there can be several other lodging amid a similar legal, the spot where the gouernor of your own mint with his scribes and you may notaries haue its aboad. Neere vnto this new perfect stande the brand new gold-